Why TrailerTech?

For 20 years, Noble Boats International has been innovating, designing and producing world class plate aluminium boats. Noble Boats International has expert staff in all aspects of naval architecture, boat building, painting and electrical fit out to ensure your boat is finished to the exact standards you demand and should expect. We have successfully completed many projects ranging from the production of plate aluminium boats of 5 meters up to 12.5 meters, through to working on navy ships and heavy landing craft for the Australian Government.
Our designs have been forged from experienced naval architect plans using our 50-plus years of boating experience, research and innovation to make sure you are provided with a boat in which you, your family and friends will be safe and comfortable, in all conditions.
With this background, you can take comfort in the fact that we will build you a boat that you can be proud to own and your investment will be safe for many years.