How It Works?

Why choose a TrailerTech / CabinTech towable mobile home? 

We want to provide contemporary, cost-effective, and affordable housing to everyone. With the rental and home buying market becoming so rapidly unstable and unpredictable, we believe we can provide the solution to so many different Australian in all different walks of life. From a tow-able studio apartment to a 2-bedroom home we can provide everyone with another sustainable and affordable living option. 

Delivery of our Towable Mobile Cabins

We deliver can delivery any of our mobile cabins Australia-wide. Because our cabins are built as part of their custom build trailer they are perfect for a relocatable home, and able to be moved around at a moments notice and with ease. 
Whether you live in the bush, the city, or the dessert we've got you covered!

Delivery of our Builders and Tipping Trailers 

Trailer delivery info 

Our Range of Cabin Size and Designs 

10.9m expandable
10.9m non-expandable

How long can you park your mobile cabin on your property? 


Central Locking / Alarm Information 

How it works, whats included etc. 

Power and Solar Information 

Water Information 

Jockey wheel / coupling information
              - how to look after / use / change
              - must know info 
              - install, safety, long term use