10km Electric Fence Energiser 12V


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      10km Electric Fence Energiser - 12volt


      12V Fence Energizer 10km
      (or 3km with 3-strand fencing)
      Powerful, Portable, Super Reliable!
      Low power consumption with latest pulse technology (long battery operation)
      O-ring seal keeps out wind, water, dust and bugs!


      At a glance:

      Max. fence length: 10 km (limit to 3km for high voltage deterrent)
      Output: 0.5 joules
      Output voltage: 8500 V ± 10% 
      Power consumption: Average 50mA
      Recommended Battery: Any 12V Automotive-style battery (we suggest a minimum 5Ah battery)
      Case: IP44 Weatherproof polycarbonate ("O" ring seal on case)
      Dimensions: 187mm x 109mm x 53mm
      Weight: 0.48Kg
      Warranty: 24 Months (see below for details)

      Standard Energiser Kit Includes:

      • 1 x Energytech ET050 Electric Fence Energiser
      • 1 x Line connection cable with alligator clip
      • 1 x Earth connection cable with alligator clip
      • 1 x Installation setup guide & manual


      • 5W Solar panel with charge controller


        NB: Does not include battery, fence wire or fence-posts ground rod or fence tape or the optional solar kit.

        Product description:

        The Energytech ET050 is a powerful electric fence energiser that simply requires any standard 12V lead-acid battery as power supply (not included). An optional solar kit (comprising a 5W solar panel and charge controller) provides continuous worry-free operation for fences up to 10 km in length (in optimum situations).  For reliable high-voltage deterrent work, keep to 5km of fencing per energiser.  The energiser is a great tool for stock containment, protection of crops and shelter belts. The unit is ideal for both permanent fencing and in situations where mobility needed. Great for small blocks and farms alike! Excellent quality and a great price!


        Our newest product ensures there is no need for mains power or with optional solar charger when used with a lead-acid battery (not included) no need to be forever buying replacement batteries.  This high power energiser will power up to 10km of wire, however for a reliable high-voltage deterrent we suggest a more modest limit of 5km of fencing. It is simple and hassle free to set-up, and gives worry free operation.


        The polycarbonate plastic case is virtually indestructible and will not rust, corrode, or break and is shock resistant. 

        Energiser circuit has lightning strike protection and also withstands any damage if a continuous ground fault situation occurs



        The energizer is supplied complete with battery cables and earth connection cables for easy and positive fence and earth connections.

        The energizer also has an "eye" on the back to easily hang the unit on a nail on a wooden post or with a piece of hooked wire that can be hung on a star picket.


        The warranty on this product is a 24-month parts warranty. 
        For more in-depth warranty information please click the link below.


        Owners’ manual and full parts list are available, and this information is provided free (on request) as a digital PDF file by email to any person interested in purchasing a TrailerTech item.

        For further information or questions please contact us at info@trailertechau.com.au


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