3.5/4.5 Ton 3 Way Tipping Trailers


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      ***Australia's best selling 3-way tipper trailer***


      • Australian Engineered and Designed
      • 3.5 or 4.5 Ton ATM Dual Axle or Tri-Axle
      • Unique 3 Way tipping function
      • Tip to the rear, tip to the left, or tip to the right
      • Fully hot dipped galvanized
      • Drawbar 150 x 50 x 4 mm RHS box section (6 foot wide trailers have 100 x 50 x 4mm)
      • Chassis 150 x 50 x 4 mm RHS box section
      • Strongest cross brace chassis design available
      • Heavy-duty 2.5 mm checker plate floor & sides
      • Extra under deck strengthening for fitting machinery
      • 60 mm round solid axles (all axles braked)
      • Heavy-duty 9 leaf 4.5 ton rated springs
      • Large 12" dual axle electric drum brakes
      • 6 Stud Landcruiser rims
      • Heavy-duty ladder racks
      • Opening and removable 400 mm tailgates/drop sides
      • Opening and removable 600 mm cage on all sides
      • Two heavy-duty ramps for fitting machinery (1-ton rating each w/ storage under deck)
      • Tie-down bar full length of the deck
      • Extra tie-down points throughout sides
      • 7-Pin rectangular plug for electrical connection to a vehicle (does not charge or power hydraulics - see next)
      • 12V Automotive battery for hydraulic system
      • 12V Electric/hydraulic tipping system w/ Anderson cable installed for automatic charging from tow vehicle (tops up battery as you drive!)
      • 7 or 10 Ton five-stage hydraulic ram (10 ton fitted to 14 & 16-foot models)
      • Custom toolbox for hydraulic system (recessed design for fitting long lengths)
      • Wireless remote & wired remote for tipping
      • Electric breakaway switch fitted
      • Manual cable parking brake
      • Heavy-duty jockey wheel
      • VIN Numbers, Compliance, and paperwork supplied. Ready for registration in all states.









      Aggregate trailer mass (ATM):

      3500 kg

      3500 kg

      3500 kg

      3500 kg

      3500 kg

      Tare weight (bare):

      1056 kg

      1134 kg

      1283 kg

      1325 kg

      1392 kg

      Load capacity (ATM less Tare):

      2388 kg

      2324 kg

      2174 kg

      2124 kg 

      1907 kg


      455 cm

      520 cm

      520 cm

      580 cm

      630 cm


      188 cm

      188 cm

      220 cm

      220 cm

      220 cm

      Height without cage:

      120 cm

      120 cm

      120 cm

      120 cm

      120 cm

      Height with cage:

      180 cm

      180 cm

      180 cm

      180 cm

      180 cm

      Internal box dimensions:

      181 cm x 293 cm

      181 cm x 353 cm

      209 cm x 353 cm

      209 cm x 414 cm

      209 cm x 479 cm





      Australian design & specifications

      Local knowledge & Australian compliance means hassle-free ownership.

      Fantastic Value

      Aussie engineered and designed while utilizing low-cost offshore labor = Australian quality at a great value.

      Everything comes included

      NOT a single hidden extra to be found!

      All new parts

      Peace of mind with NO used parts (as some other suppliers do).

      Hot-dip galvanized

      Hot galvanizing is the BEST anti-rust treatment available. Long trailer life.

      Cross brace chassis design

      Possibly the strongest chassis design available.

      Large bore ram

      A large 10ton ram means less stress on the hydraulics = extended system life.

      High tipping angle

      An important feature. Full clean dump every time. Nothing stays in our trailers! Over a 45* tip.

      Front and rear opening tailgates

      Long loads can be carried with ease.

      Low set hydraulic pump box

      Obstruction-free drawbar for long load capability & clear access to winch pole.

      Heavy-duty loading ramps

      2 Ton load capacity (1T each) and conveniently stored under the deck.      

      Full cage

      Large volume means fewer trips.

      Cage front and rear quick remove pins

      Leave the gate on and flip it up on top of the cage OR only seconds to remove.

      Flatbed trailer

      All sides and corner posts are removable allowing a completely flat top trailer. Good for forklift or car trailer.

      Heavy-duty latched tail-gates

      Can also be quickly removed.



      This three-way tipping trailer can tip to the left, right, or rear for convenient and fast unloading. The side tipper functionality is great for dumping alongside driveways or in other situations where space for maneuvering the trailer is limited. This is a heavy-duty 'box' trailer, designed as a multi-functional unit capable of carrying heavy loads, materials, rubbish, plant, and machinery, etc. The drop sides can be folded down or removed completely to give a flat-top trailer. The trailer is constructed with hot dipped heavy steel box section chassis and frame, checker plate floor, and quality running gear.  The included ramps are designed for 2-ton loads (1 ton each). The heavy-duty construction ensures that when used with appropriate care the trailer should provide many years of reliable service.


      NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. Trailers are subject to sale elsewhere and may be withdrawn if sold. PLEASE CALL to check availability. If you want to place an order we ask for a 30% deposit to secure your trailer in the production schedule. If you subsequently cancel your order Energytech may withhold
      10% of the deposit to contribute to costs incurred.


      Our trailers come with VIN numbers and compliance approvals and are ready to be registered! We do not arrange registration as owner ID is required to register a trailer different interstate rules apply. All trailers should be registered in the destination state.


      Trailers can be collected from our Gold Coast premises or we can ship interstate. Alternatively, we are happy to allow you to arrange your own shipping. However, your freight company of choice MUST HAVE a Brisbane/Gold Coast freight depot for receipt of the trailer.


      NOTE: Whether we (or you) arrange to ship, upon our delivery to the shipping company, any risk during transit passes to the purchaser. You may choose to arrange insurance to cover transportation risk.



      For more in-depth warranty information please click the link below.

      Owners’ manual and full parts list are available, and this information is provided free (on request) as a digital PDF file by email to any person interested in purchasing a TrailerTech item.

      For further information or questions please contact us at




      Feel free to contact us by email at sales@trailertechau.com.au or phone 0417 088 698.


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